Author: Nyaa Kyaa

  • Optimizing Cosine Similarity with NEON Intrinsics

    Cosine similarity calculations can be used to check how similar two vectors are. Using ARM NEON intrinsics, we can dramatically improve the performance of this calculation while changing very little code. The most simple way of doing this calculation, in C++, is by simply using std::inner_product to calculate the dot products. Running the above code […]

  • Work

    While I had hoped to continue my entry about my summer vacation, it seems like a month has already passed without a second update. Truth be told, blogging is probably not my forte. What made me turn my computer back on again to start writing was an email: an email to an old colleague which […]

  • Summer Vacation – The Weeb Part (上)

    Summer vacation has come and gone way too quickly for me to have fully enjoyed it. The break itself was for a total of 6 days, from the 11th to the 16th. The first day, on Friday, was 山の日. Fortunately, it was also the first day of the famous Tokyo Comic Market (comiket 92). Comic […]

  • Life in Japan

    It’s been a while since I’ve really written anything. Without any real reason, I was suddenly inclined to set up a blog. Maybe I’ve just gotten bored, but I doubt that. It may be more because vacation is finally starting here, お盆, and it means that I have some more time to do whatever the […]