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  • How I Make Coffee

    Of all the simple pleasures that life has to offer, there is nothing quite like a cup of freshly brewed coffee on a winter’s night. The warmth spreads throughout one’s body, reinvigorating a soul weary from the trials of the day. While a single cup never feels like it’s enough, I am quite careful of taking […]

  • Investing In a Pandemic

    A lot of interest in buying and selling stocks has arisen among my friends due to the tanking economy as a result of the pandemic. Now that many stocks are at ridiculous lows, it’s a perfect time to use your disposable income and start investing! Before you continue reading, I just wanted to add a […]

  • Optimizing Cosine Similarity with NEON Intrinsics

    Cosine similarity calculations can be used to check how similar two vectors are. Using ARM NEON intrinsics, we can dramatically improve the performance of this calculation while changing very little code. The most simple way of doing this calculation, in C++, is by simply using std::inner_product to calculate the dot products. Running the above code […]