Category: Thoughts

  • ‘Ugh’ Fields and Skipping School

    I was reading an article about ‘ugh fields‘ today. The article discusses the consequences of negative conditioning and how activities that we push back tend to get pushed back even further. The more you keep delaying something, the less you want to do it. From my own experience, I’ve noticed this type of thinking in […]

  • Building for Scale

    Building things such that they are scalable is one of the core tenets of software development. To begin with, a lot of the value of software comes at its ability to automate tasks and handle copious amounts of I/O that would fry a human brain. Recent events have made me painfully aware of the importance […]

  • Rites of Passage

    Rites of passage have been activities which bind communities together, providing a shared experience for members within its society. I’ve been getting into reading recently and stumbled upon this paragraph. For at what other time in history did a society’s young undergo a searing rite of passage with which the previous generation was utterly unfamiliar? […]

  • Hesitation

    Nothing in the world is worse than hesitating to do something that you want to do. The time between thinking about doing something and then actually doing it is a time filled with emptiness. The impact of this moment of inaction extends beyond itself; it is not simply time that’s lost but potentially even the […]

  • Constraints

    For as long as I can remember, the type of projects that I always used to dread in school were the ones where we could “do whatever we wanted”. My reasons: I ultimately couldn’t do anything; I can think of at least a couple of ways to kill my grades in whichever classes had these […]

  • Sharing Your Thoughts

    Initially, I was going to make a post about how rare finding good content on social media was after seeing someone I know make a touching post about how they felt that their life had changed throughout the course of their university life. What changed my mind ultimately is that maybe it’s too negative; I […]

  • Feedback Loops

    When trying to improve, measure, or change something, nothing is more important than a reliable feedback loop. Being able to measure your progress, improvement, or whatever is a key part of knowing if your actions ultimately lead to the results that you want. One bit of advice that I regularly stumble upon is to set […]

  • Reading

    When I was a kid, I used to sit at Chapters and read for hours on end. If I picked up a book that I like, I absolutely had to finish it before I went home. Thank you, grandma, for bearing with me while I consumed volume after volume of Warriors, Redwall, and whatever else […]