Tag: finance

  • Car Maintenance

    I came home just now from doing car maintenance at a drive-through location. The total cost: $457.58. Now, it feels pretty shitty because it’s hard to gauge whether the maintenance is worth it or not. In this case, I did need to get an oil change and have a tire repaired. Those services were essential […]

  • Spending Money

    Does you ever feel guilty about spending money? While I was a student (read: living off my parents’ $$$), I didn’t really feel this way at all. However, now that I’ve had to handle my own finances, the weight of each dollar is more apparent. The odd thing about this feeling is that I’m more […]

  • Investing In a Pandemic

    A lot of interest in buying and selling stocks has arisen among my friends due to the tanking economy as a result of the pandemic. Now that many stocks are at ridiculous lows, it’s a perfect time to use your disposable income and start investing! Before you continue reading, I just wanted to add a […]