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  • Work

    While I had hoped to continue my entry about my summer vacation, it seems like a month has already passed without a second update. Truth be told, blogging is probably not my forte. What made me turn my computer back on again to start writing was an email: an email to an old colleague which […]

  • Summer Vacation – The Weeb Part (上)

    Summer vacation has come and gone way too quickly for me to have fully enjoyed it. The break itself was for a total of 6 days, from the 11th to the 16th. The first day, on Friday, was 山の日. Fortunately, it was also the first day of the famous Tokyo Comic Market (comiket 92). Comic […]

  • Life in Japan

    It’s been a while since I’ve really written anything. Without any real reason, I was suddenly inclined to set up a blog. Maybe I’ve just gotten bored, but I doubt that. It may be more because vacation is finally starting here, お盆, and it means that I have some more time to do whatever the […]