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  • Ways of Life

    Friendships are extremely valuable to me, and I make an effort to continuously remind myself to cherish the people around me. Though we tend to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, what I find important is the unique perspectives and experiences that they bring to the table; not only are our similarities important, but also our […]

  • 2022 New Year’s Resolution

    I’m not one to make resolutions, since I know that I likely won’t follow them. If someone wanted to make drastic changes to their life, why wait for some arbitrary date, and for some arbitrary time? To want to change your habits, there’s no time like the present. Well, today turns out to be the […]

  • The Melon Soda Crisis

    A spectre is haunting Vancouver—the spectre of a melon soda shortage. Recently, my SO and I wanted to make some Japanese cream soda. The ingredients for it are essentially ice, melon soda, ice cream, and a maraschino cherry to garnish. Simple enough, right? Although you could buy the melon soda and simply decant it, we […]