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  • Constraints

    For as long as I can remember, the type of projects that I always used to dread in school were the ones where we could “do whatever we wanted”. My reasons: I ultimately couldn’t do anything; I can think of at least a couple of ways to kill my grades in whichever classes had these […]

  • I Suck at Cooking

    One thing I’m embarrassed about is how bad I am at cooking. I’ve been staying in Whiterock for the last couple of weeks and every single meal is prepared for me by my step-mom. I’m really grateful for being able to eat such amazing meals every day, and I’ve recently wanted to ask her to […]

  • Sharing Your Thoughts

    Initially, I was going to make a post about how rare finding good content on social media was after seeing someone I know make a touching post about how they felt that their life had changed throughout the course of their university life. What changed my mind ultimately is that maybe it’s too negative; I […]

  • Feedback Loops

    When trying to improve, measure, or change something, nothing is more important than a reliable feedback loop. Being able to measure your progress, improvement, or whatever is a key part of knowing if your actions ultimately lead to the results that you want. One bit of advice that I regularly stumble upon is to set […]

  • Reading

    When I was a kid, I used to sit at Chapters and read for hours on end. If I picked up a book that I like, I absolutely had to finish it before I went home. Thank you, grandma, for bearing with me while I consumed volume after volume of Warriors, Redwall, and whatever else […]