The Peggies

One band that I listened to quite a bit last year is the peggies. I first heard of them from their song Love in the Tokyo that a friend of mine shared on Discord.

When I first listened to them, I thought that they were some obscure band. Although they don’t have a very large following, they did recently rise to prominence via the opening song for 青春ブタ野郎, 君のせい. Also, apparently Boruto has another one of their songs as an opening.

The music that the peggies makes is distinctly Japanese Pop Rock. While their discography is not currently very large, every album they’ve made has some pretty good bangers. My favourite songs are actually the ones that deviate from their regular style. One of their songs, Buriki, has almost a math rock vibe with various changes in timing over the course of the song.

Anyways, I can personally say so much about them. If you’re interested in checking them out, I’d recommend the following songs in no particular order. The ones that I’ve posted above are somewhere in the list, but I’ve omitted them for the sake of brevity.

Plus, they cute.






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