A lot hasn’t gone my way recently. I just ended up picking up two packages that were supposed to arrive two weeks ago that I’ve been obsessively checking the status of. Unfortunately, I’m expecting a lot of letter mail that has yet to arrive. There’s a letter I was expecting from one of my friends which has been lost in the void, and another one that still has a chance of arriving though I’m not feeling very hopeful. There’s been a COVID-19 exposure case at a local mail processing centre so I’m fairly sure that’s where the delays are coming from. It makes me sad thinking that some mail has just been lost, especially because of all the time and effort it takes to writing a letter. Maybe it’s just a matter of time before it arrives.

I’ve also been looking for a set of Mahjong tiles I own. The set’s somewhat special because it was something I won at a tournament I participated in a couple of years ago. Lately, I’ve been playing a lot of Mahjong Soul and it has definitely reintroduced the soul of Mahjong to me. Alright, that was terrible. I’m probably going to buy a table to play Mahjong on; playing on any plain old table sucks just because there’s no straight edge for aligning the tiles against. There’s another set that I own, but the problem with that set is there aren’t any red fives. In Riichi Mahjong, the red fives are important because, with some luck, they can double the value of your hand just by holding onto them. The tiles add another mechanic to the game-play.

I’ve tried looking everywhere obvious for them to no avail. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if I reached into my freezer and found them just lying there. I’m certain they’re in my home somewhere. However, if they’re nowhere to be found, is it just because I haven’t looked hard enough or could they actually be somewhere else? There are a few places that I think they might be, but it’s just a hassle to go out to look for them when I’m not even sure if I’ll find them or not. Basically, I’m thinking that they’re at my family’s home, but it takes an hour to drive to. I briefly went over to search for it a week ago, but I want to do it again now. What abject hopelessness.

Anyways, that’s all I can think about right now, hahaha. I swear, every night I try to run through simulations of what I was thinking when I last saw them and where I could have possibly put them. My office, my family’s home, and one of my friends’ places are all the last options for me. There’s also my garage, which I’ve checked a few times around (but another time wouldn’t hurt). The sooner I find the tiles, the sooner I can be free from this hell.






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