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  • Things Aren’t Always That Hard

    I’m not proud of it, but I would definitely call myself lazy. If there’s something that I need to do, more often than not I’ll put it off until the very last moment. This, coupled with the fact that I’m fairly cheap, means that I’ll wait as long as possible to get something done if […]

  • The Melon Soda Crisis

    A spectre is haunting Vancouver—the spectre of a melon soda shortage. Recently, my SO and I wanted to make some Japanese cream soda. The ingredients for it are essentially ice, melon soda, ice cream, and a maraschino cherry to garnish. Simple enough, right? Although you could buy the melon soda and simply decant it, we […]

  • Pumpkin Carving

    The last time I carved pumpkins may have been in university, at some Halloween event, or in elementary school, at some Halloween event. Needless to say, it’s been a while and it’s all a blur. This year, I told myself, would be a throwback year. Just kidding, I was influenced by someone else to try […]

  • Stained Glass Clover

    Trying things that you’ve never done before out is pretty fun. You really don’t know how much you’ll like the thing and how far you’ll get with it. A good friend of mine mentioned that she registered for a stained glass workshop and received a bunch of supplies they paid for and never used. Stained […]

  • 30 Days of Happiness

    Here’s my attempt to try and find something that makes me happy every day. 1 – 2021/08/16 – Getting praised at work when I feel like nothing but a ball of nervous energy around my senior peers. 2 – 2021/08/17 – Being lucky when I play games. Compare my mountain to the rest of the […]

  • Wingmanning

    Over the past few weeks I’ve reconnected with a few friends. I’m grateful to the people in my friend groups who have been open to hosting a handful of us at their place. Being able to reconnect and shoot the shit about the good old days have led to conversations that bring me back to […]

  • Fucking Around

    At an old company I worked at, we had a kettle that could continue to boil as long as you didn’t put the lid on and a mini-fridge what had a completely frozen freezer section (you can see the block of ice). The bosses of the start-up were in China, it was Friday, and I […]

  • 2021/06/22

    Just got back recently from camping with a few friends. Having our main core and a few additional people join each trip has gradually become the trend; it’s hard to find people who are actually interested in camping, although we’re looking rather slowly. The latest person to join our camping squad is a pretty incredible […]

  • 2021/05/21

    In one week’s time, I’ll finally be getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination! It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally join others in my cohort in time for summer. My manager told me to take the day off in case I end up feeling like shit afterwards, and I […]

  • NaNoReNo

    There’s an annual writing contest / game jam called NaNoReNo which happens in March. Have you heard of it? The reason that it can be both a writing contest and a game jam is because the focus of the competition is specifically visual novels. NaNoReNo is, by far, the most famous visual novel game jam […]