Category: Journal

  • Switching Jobs

    Last Friday, I left my first job out of university to go to another company after working for two years. This isn’t necessarily the first time I’ve ever left a job; I’ve left part-time jobs and fixed-length internships in the past. However, this is the first time I’ve had to write a serious resignation letter. […]

  • Hidden Blogging

    Half a year of writing posts has really been fun. I’m not sure if I’ve touched upon this before, but this is the first time that I’ve done this much recreational writing in my life. At the beginning of the year, seeing some of my friends persistently blogging toggled something for me. Having posting histories […]

  • 2020/11/19

    I’m pretty happy today for no apparent reason. Well, one thing I learned was that there are a bunch of breweries in my city that do same-day delivery, which is super big-brain. I’m thinking about ordering some when I get paid next. But that’s probably not just it. I’m no alcoholic, after all. There’s been […]

  • 2020/11/09

    Today was a pretty slow day. There’s a major project happening at work right now so a lot of the time I spent today was researching the task at hand to make sure that everything will go smoothly. During my break, I played some Mahjong. I’ve been changing my strategy lately since I was on […]

  • Spending Money

    Does you ever feel guilty about spending money? While I was a student (read: living off my parents’ $$$), I didn’t really feel this way at all. However, now that I’ve had to handle my own finances, the weight of each dollar is more apparent. The odd thing about this feeling is that I’m more […]

  • 2020/11/07

    I just came home from the liquor store. Now that it’s fall, the local stores are changing the beers that are stocked. Goodbye, sours. Hello, more winter-y beers. Coming home, I noticed that the maple tree on my property has nearly lost all of its leaves. Beer and leaves – the two classical signs that […]

  • 2020/11/01

    Just like that, 2020 is winding down to an end. My birthday passed recently (I’m now in my mid-20s), but sadly I didn’t do anything to celebrate this year. OH! After tearing through my entire place, I finally found my mahjong tiles. I had some vague notion that I left the tiles in my office, […]

  • 2020/10/05

    A lot hasn’t gone my way recently. I just ended up picking up two packages that were supposed to arrive two weeks ago that I’ve been obsessively checking the status of. Unfortunately, I’m expecting a lot of letter mail that has yet to arrive. There’s a letter I was expecting from one of my friends […]

  • Work Overload

    I’m definitely the type of person who likes variety in the things that I do. Recently, it feels like I’ve been basically doing the same thing non-stop. Aside from my regular job, I’ve been working on a few other software projects. Some relate to issues my friends are having that they think programming can help […]

  • Learning

    For me, learning has always been a background activity; I passively end up acquiring the skills I need throughout life due to circumstance. When I was tripping with my friends recently, one particular friend has some interesting things to say about education, and learning. Her passion was learning new things, which fit nicely with the […]