Just like that, 2020 is winding down to an end. My birthday passed recently (I’m now in my mid-20s), but sadly I didn’t do anything to celebrate this year. OH! After tearing through my entire place, I finally found my mahjong tiles. I had some vague notion that I left the tiles in my office, and lo and behold, they were actually there. I also bought a table and have played a couple games with my friends. My goal lately has been to introduce Riichi Mahjong to more people, and show people the attributes which make the game so fun.

Randomly, someone that I haven’t been in touch with for over a year messaged me and we ended up hanging out today. In my city, fall is typically quite gloomy due to the large amount of rainy days. However, the weather has been absolutely incredible lately. Hanging out with equally technical people is pretty fun. Most of my friends are from my hobbies outside of tech so we don’t typically talk shop, but my friend is super smart (and somewhat elitist). At any rate, walking around today has inspired me to do more with the domains I own. I’ve wanted to set up my own custom email for some time now, but haven’t really been down to commit to paying for the service. Although, I already pay for this blog even though I don’t expect anyone to view it.

I’ve started watching JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure recently. The show is really good and super extra. The author is also like 60 years old (but looks like he’s in his thirties). It’s honestly super cool and I can’t help but binge through it. I’ve been on somewhat of a hiatus from anime but I’m slowly getting back into it. I’ve caught up with the latest season of My Hero Academia and finished this new show called ID:Invaded. Both were very very amazing. I don’t have much else to say this time around so I’ll get back to watching anime. Catch you later!






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