Work Overload

I’m definitely the type of person who likes variety in the things that I do. Recently, it feels like I’ve been basically doing the same thing non-stop. Aside from my regular job, I’ve been working on a few other software projects. Some relate to issues my friends are having that they think programming can help with, such as automating tasks that are time-consuming and repetitive. Other projects are more exploratory; building something in the hopes of creating a product that has a fit in the world. Regardless of what type, I’ve felt a little burnt out by software development over the past few weeks.

The thing that sucks about enjoying what you do at work is that, over time, it kills the mood to do it outside of work. A part of what makes a hobby fun is definitely the fact that you’re not forced to do it every single day if you don’t want to. I really like programming; it’s rewarding and fun to find ways of using a language and computer to solve a complicated problem. The issue though is when I already spend eight hours a day, five days a week programming, where do I get the energy to do more in my free time?

I was initially going to publish this in June but a lot has changed. There has been a consistent pattern of people at my company that have been dismissed due to their poor work ethic. As a result, the nature of my role has expanded greatly. While it’s nice to have a lot of different new responsibilities, there are still some rather daunting tasks that lie ahead for me. Instead of stressing about work so much, I’ve tried focusing more on having a better work/life balance, and developing my skills in some random hobbies. I kinda already knew this, but only recently have I realized how fundamental cultivating life outside of work is.






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