I just came home from the liquor store. Now that it’s fall, the local stores are changing the beers that are stocked. Goodbye, sours. Hello, more winter-y beers. Coming home, I noticed that the maple tree on my property has nearly lost all of its leaves. Beer and leaves – the two classical signs that herald winter. Well, not really, but they are for me.

Recently, I got a raise at my job. I’ve actually gotten multiple raises at this company already, but every time it doesn’t really feel like anything special. After hearing the news, I told my family and, for the most part, they were all ecstatic about it. Of course, I’m happy about the fact that my labour is being awarded appropriately, but it just seems so meaningless. Will a 5% increase improve my quality-of-life that much? Ah well, my issue is I unnecessarily think way too much about trivialities. To be in this position is to be privileged, especially during COVID-19.

The election results finally came out. Apparently Joe Biden is going to be next US president. Most of the updates I received are from one of my coworkers who has been very invested in the results of the election. I don’t really care; either way, I don’t have a say in the matter. Although, having a leader who intends to actively work towards reducing the amount of political conflict that has arisen over the last half-decade is going to serve the US well. Who knows what Trump will do with his remaining time in the White House.

One decision that I’ve been super conflicted by has been whether or not I should but wireless earbuds. I’d rather take them out then over-ear headphones, but I’m not sure which ones to buy. The price is the one thing that I’m not sure I can justify or not. Maybe I can treat myself since I didn’t do anything for my birthday this year 😅.






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