I’m pretty happy today for no apparent reason. Well, one thing I learned was that there are a bunch of breweries in my city that do same-day delivery, which is super big-brain. I’m thinking about ordering some when I get paid next. But that’s probably not just it. I’m no alcoholic, after all.

There’s been this issue with my friend’s site that I’ve been trying to debug for a couple of weeks now. After crashing during a pretty major sale that garnered 50k requests over a couple of minutes, I finally decided to take the time to sit down and read logs. Not my favourite pastime, but sometimes they can be interesting. At times, it feels like my responsibility to make sure all is good after helping my friend set his site up. After just a couple minutes of debugging, I discovered the issue. The webserver I use, Caddy, has memory that scales linearly with the number of requests coming in. Now, that’s fine in most cases except when the oom reaper calls. Instead of just letting it die, I modified the systemd service such that the service restarts on failure. After that, it was just some napkin math to determine the number of php-fpm workers to max out on to prevent memory exhaustion. I love Caddy but I’ve ran into quite a few issues with it. There’s one instance, for example, where file handlers remain open forever when running behind Cloudflare (but that’s a story for another day).

I also finally wrote back to my friend I’ve been pen-pals with for about half a year now. Writing with them has been pretty fun. Sharing ideas in such an archaic way has a certain charm to it. By using letter-writing as a medium, it feels like it’s easier to dive deeper into specific topics. After all, you have all the time to think, write, and really flesh out an idea. From my experience, who you correspond with ends up mattering a lot too. Not unlike regular conversations, one person alone cannot drive it forward.

This is random, but I’ve been growing out my beard during COVID since I don’t have to interact with human beings. After some trimming, I’ve gotten used to the look. Aight, peace.





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