Today was a pretty slow day. There’s a major project happening at work right now so a lot of the time I spent today was researching the task at hand to make sure that everything will go smoothly. During my break, I played some Mahjong. I’ve been changing my strategy lately since I was on a pretty bad losing streak. With only a few adjustments (opening my hand more frequently), my skill has remarkably improved. Sometimes, it really is just the little things that make the biggest difference.

After work, I felt somewhat lethargic so I ended up going on a walk around my neighbourhood. Maybe it’s because I’m used to the bustle of downtown living or because it was dark and cold out, but a lot of the stores I passed by seemed really unappealing. It’s really amazing to me that there are countless opportunities to make a living. I’ve only worked fairly white-collar positions before (aside from one fast food job) so I don’t have much exposure to what the world beyond that is like. It’s hard to imagine that each of these small shops is able to generate enough capital to sustain so many individuals and families.

My coworker has been very motivated in starting a franchised restaurant recently. It’s weird; we’re both tech workers so it seems like the farthest thing possible from our competency. I’m pretty sure it’s because he wants to find novel ways to create property so that there are income streams beyond just his day job. I feel that. Even though I’m in a stable position financially, there’s still the uncertainty of what the future holds if I were to lose my job. Being able to create some guarantees beyond this one basket, while sounding nice, seems not an easy road to walk.

I’m not sure for what purpose I want to make more money. Of course, the security of having money is alluring, but that can be accomplished without trying a whole lot. I’ve recently been looking at a lot of forums for people whose goal is to FIRE (financial independence, retire early). The appeal to me isn’t so much retiring early as it is the financial independence. Being able to not worry about what’s going to happen to you in a year’s time would be an amazing feeling. There are people who may look at my position and think it’s ridiculous that I worry so much. I don’t know, I just can’t help the way I feel.






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