In one week’s time, I’ll finally be getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination! It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally join others in my cohort in time for summer. My manager told me to take the day off in case I end up feeling like shit afterwards, and I was happy to oblige. What that also means is that I only work 3 days next week, which is awesome. More time to plan out what I want to do with my new-found freedom.

One recent development is that I’ve starting feeling some type of way towards this girl I’ve been talking to on a somewhat regular basis. What’s interesting is that we started off by just writing casual letters to one another; we didn’t really interact much outside of just a brief correspondence with response latencies up to weeks. Somehow, our conversations started moving online, and we’d talk to each other a couple times a week (while continuing to write letters). Well, future me, let me remind you what you thought about this girl, regardless of whatever future there is in store.

For one thing, she’s cute. She’s got a pretty distinct sense of fashion and aesthetic, and also cosplays pretty regularly. Some of her accessories straight up make no sense, and yet they still fit her image really well. I remember one time, I was swinging by her neighborhood and wanted to drop milk tea. She was wearing this, I swear, sunny-side up egg yolk pin and I thought she just hung out around home in cosplay or something (well, maybe she does – I don’t actually know).

She also has a very balanced outlook on life. I’ve always considered myself as someone that lives in the future, but I envy ways in which she lives in the present. For one thing, she has this sense of maturity about her. Maybe it’s weird for me to say this, since she is actually older than me, but I don’t think that maturity is all about age. Maturity is about seeing the world in an open-minded way. It’s so easy to slip into a conversation about something – anything, really – with her and it’s fun to learn new things. There are so many dumb conversations, or serious ones, or just ones where we talk about the interests we share. Thanks to her, I’ve actually read a lot more game theory and psychology-related content. There was this one manga, Liar Game, that I just absolutely sped through because of how good it was. Of course, there are times where I question her taste. Not seriously, but she’s someone that’s fun to mess with and plays on jokes well. Damn, I can go on but it would be lame.

Anyways, I’ve decided to ask her out recently. It’s not like we’ll have a chance to do anything before COVID is over, but I’ve, regardless, recently felt the desire to. Let’s see how it goes, future me.






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