Author: Nyaa Kyaa

  • Wingmanning

    Over the past few weeks I’ve reconnected with a few friends. I’m grateful to the people in my friend groups who have been open to hosting a handful of us at their place. Being able to reconnect and shoot the shit about the good old days have led to conversations that bring me back to […]

  • Sharing Services

    When streaming became widespread, cloud-native media companies threatened the traditional model of subscription-based cable TV by offering a service which blended both on-demand and classical subscription services into a single monthly subscription. Despite the massive amounts of disruption that companies such as Netflix spearheaded, in recent years it’s almost as though we’re regressing towards what […]

  • Rapping About Stonks

    I wrote this shitty rap back in February when I knew that my stocks would make me rich (spoiler: they didn’t). Thought that I might just put it on my site so that future me can have a good laugh. Apologies for profanity. Lyrics are below. The song samples Red Cream Soda by A$AP ANT […]

  • Giving People Rides

    One of my only joys in life is driving people. There’s just something about it that’s so relaxing to me. Some of my friends think it’s weird; I’ll drive for road trips without asking people to switch out with me, and I’m always happy to be the person picking people up or dropping people off, […]

  • Girl meets NUMBER GIRL

    The saddest moments of my life are when I discover an amazing artist… only to discover that they’ve either disbanded or are part of the 27 club. Within the past year, I discovered an amazing band called きのこ帝国, or kinokoteikoku, or Mushroom Empire. Unfortunately, they disbanded back in 2019. kinokoteikoku is a post-rock shoegazer band, […]

  • Fucking Around

    At an old company I worked at, we had a kettle that could continue to boil as long as you didn’t put the lid on and a mini-fridge what had a completely frozen freezer section (you can see the block of ice). The bosses of the start-up were in China, it was Friday, and I […]

  • Thank You Tonegawa

    Readers of the blog, you might be wondering: who is this “Tonegawa” and why must he be thanked? My friend and her post are partly responsible. A conversation we had led us to this scene from the anime, Kaiji. Tonegawa is one of the antagonists who, after laying out a life-or-death game, delivers a monologue […]

  • 2021/06/22

    Just got back recently from camping with a few friends. Having our main core and a few additional people join each trip has gradually become the trend; it’s hard to find people who are actually interested in camping, although we’re looking rather slowly. The latest person to join our camping squad is a pretty incredible […]

  • Boredom

    Boredom’s a powerful force. As a survival instinct, it makes a lot of sense; we strive for new experiences which may lead to developing new skills or a better understanding of the world. However, boredom can be quite the painful thing to alleviate. Recently, over drinks with a friend, we shared whatever ennui we felt […]

  • 2021/05/21

    In one week’s time, I’ll finally be getting the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccination! It’s been a long time coming, and I’m excited to finally join others in my cohort in time for summer. My manager told me to take the day off in case I end up feeling like shit afterwards, and I […]