Category: Thoughts

  • Good Ideas

    Where do good ideas come from? For any idea to turn from simply an idea to a “good” idea, what properties must it have? This has popped into my mind recently because, after connecting the dots between a few seemingly independent concepts, I’ve formulated an app idea that will be the the next big thing. […]

  • Opportunity and Socialization

    The company that I’ve been working from went 100% remote back in March, 2020, as a result of COVID-19. As a company that started with no work-from-home policy, I spent a year and a half going into the office, grabbing lunch with my coworkers, and sitting in the company of my peers for eight hours […]

  • Security

    Security is a subject my thoughts often gravitate towards these days. Recently, I’ve been thinking about how the basis of my decision making is grounded in creating a sense of security – either for myself or for others. If something has the tendency to drive my decision-making, it’s something I want to try and get […]

  • Hidden Blogging

    Half a year of writing posts has really been fun. I’m not sure if I’ve touched upon this before, but this is the first time that I’ve done this much recreational writing in my life. At the beginning of the year, seeing some of my friends persistently blogging toggled something for me. Having posting histories […]

  • Characters

    In anime, you tend to encounter a wide range of stereotypes and tropes. By rooting familiar concepts across different works in a genre, the show is able to build upon and play against them. For instance, deconstructions exist only in the context which the genres themselves have established. Playing on the expectations of its audience, […]

  • Car Maintenance

    I came home just now from doing car maintenance at a drive-through location. The total cost: $457.58. Now, it feels pretty shitty because it’s hard to gauge whether the maintenance is worth it or not. In this case, I did need to get an oil change and have a tire repaired. Those services were essential […]

  • Torrenting

    While I was returning the e-reader my friend lent to me today, I was showing her the one that I ended up buying. At that moment, I noticed a stark difference between her and I. All the books that she had on her Kindle were actually purchased, whereas all of mine were downloaded (either legally […]

  • Reading II

    Recently, I was talking to one of my friends and the topic of reading came up. She had been using an e-reader for some time now and the device piqued my interest. I remember when they came out years ago, and were touted as a convenient way to read books. By the time they came […]

  • Hanging Out

    The most important part about becoming closer to other people is enjoying the things that you do together. What makes hanging out with a variety of people interesting, however, is the fact that everyone enjoys different things. I was once able to become fully engrossed in a conversation about a specific game, system, or idea. […]

  • Smartphones

    The fact that I use a smartphone every single day made me forget how truly foreign these things are. Recently, I bought a phone for both my grandma and my mom. While my mom has not been particularly interested in learning how to use one, my grandma has shown a lot of engagement. My grandma, […]