Murder Mysteries

Have you ever played murder mystery games? I played my first one ever recently. It was a game called 讲台上的乌鸦 (The Crow on the Lectern). The concept is pretty sick; it’s like a more complicated game of Mafia where each player is assigned a role, a backstory, and various tasks that they have to accomplish in the game.

My Mandarin is steaming hot garbage, but luckily I got the help of one of my friends to translate the contents of my story. Despite the difficulties I had in expressing myself well without giving away too much information, it was actually a legitimately immersive game. What’s fun about the game is that there are no correct or incorrect ways to play. Sometimes, you have to just rely on luck or misunderstandings to succeed. Similar to other intrigue-based games, it relies on people willing to talk, shoot the shit, and rack their brains to come up with plausible stories of causality which would ultimately lead to winning.

If you ever do end up playing this particular story, don’t be fooled by its innocuous appearance. It’s a story that grows and grows as more hints are revealed.






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